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15.03.2010 05:52 - Пред света- така се представяме
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Today"s news
image OLJ to provide votes needed to secure impeachment against Bulgarian President
Thu, Mar 11 2010 12:24 CETby Petar Kostadinov
The impeachment procedure would enable a debate on a new constitution, OLJ reasons.
image Order, Law and Justice party loses one more MP
Thu, Mar 11 2010 11:46 CETby Petar Kostadinov
Yane Yanev"s policy proved too extreme for Dimitar Choukarski who said he was now ready to support the Government
image Alleged paedophile arrested by Bulgarian police
Thu, Mar 11 2010 11:22 CETby Nick Iliev
Police in the northeastern Bulgarian riverside town of Silistra have arrested a 27-year old-man allegedly involved in the production and distribution of pornographic material involving children
image Homes for disabled children face probe over suspicious mortality rate
Thu, Mar 11 2010 13:32 CETby Petar Kostadinov
Results from the probe, which follows a Bulgarian Helsinki Committee report, will be ready in two months
image Swiss banks account of Bulgarian tax evaders will be investigated
Thu, Mar 11 2010 13:54 CETby The Sofia Echo staff
Authorities are under pressure to uncover tax dodgers.
image Bulgargaz seeks 26.4 per cent gas price increase, regulator opposed
Thu, Mar 11 2010 12:09 CETby Dnevnik.bg
The gas company requested a 26.42 per cent price hike from April 1, only for Angel Semerdjiev, a figure that the regulator has described as unrealistic.
image Devin Kids Tennis programme set to coach 800 children
Thu, Mar 11 2010 13:02 CETby Nick Iliev
The Bulgarian Tennis Federation (BTF) and water bottling company Devin have launched a mutual initiative that will see 800 children under the age of 10 coached in tennis in 2010
image Sofians protest against potholes
Thu, Mar 11 2010 10:27 CETby Nick Iliev
Dupkovden "pothole day" is organised by members of the youth internet media in Bulgaria
image More people are shopping online
Thu, Mar 11 2010 11:01 CETby Jana Liptбkovб
Crisis pushes shoppers to seek better prices online
image Greece grounded by third massive general strike
Thu, Mar 11 2010 10:22 CETby Nick Iliev
The third general strike is underway in Greece on March 11. Public services have shut down and air traffic controllers have sealed off national airspace.
image Analysis: EU and Western Balkans seek paths to each other
Thu, Mar 11 2010 14:02 CETby Clive Leviev-Sawyer
EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton is claiming the post-conflict Western Balkans as a model for future policy actions, while within the EU and within the region itself, summits are planned to advance EU integration.
image The President-Finance Minister row could become a diplomatic problem, right-wing politician warns
Thu, Mar 11 2010 14:13 CETby Petar Kostadinov
Diplomats have raised concerns that their conversations at the Presidency were being recorded, Assen Agov says


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